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Camilla Moberg is a Copenhagen based singer and songwriter. Since 2017 she has offered her music to the public by performing on the music scene in DK and releasing music online. Her primary music theme is love. Warm happy sounding love pop songs.

Previously she has been supported by ‘Bands of Tomorrow’ a danish music magazine and received airplay on P5 DK. She has played on Danish festivals such as ‘Copenhagen Songwriter Festival’

In June 2018 Camilla Moberg released her debut single “DU TOG MIT HJERTE MED”

Place Musical Career Began: Copenhagen

Place of birth: Holstebro (Denmark, Jutland)

Record label: Indie


DU TOG MIT HJERTE MED – Single (2018) Link to

Ser I Dine Øjne – Single (2018) Link to

INGEN RO – Single (2018) Link to

Camilla Moberg – Single trilogi (2019) Link to

It’s Love – Ep (2020) Link to

All You Need Is Faith – Single (2020) Link to

Let’s Dance All Night – Single (2020) Link to

Is This What You Call Love – Single (2021) Link to

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Musical Gravity



The song gives a desire to take a trip to the beach. Lie down and tilt your toes in the warm sand

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“It’s Love”

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Bands of Tomorrow

Radio Interviews

H O U S T O N – podcast on SEATTLE WAVE RADIO (2020)  US

ROOTS AND COUNTRY – Interview & LIVE music on Rodovrekanalen (2020) DK

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